Greater Vancouver Addiction Treatment Centre for Women

Personalized treatment for successful recovery.

Do you often regret things you did the night before? Have your family and friends begun to step back or avoid you – or do you avoid them? Is the quality of your work suffering, or are you calling in sick when you’re actually hung-over? Do you feel hopeless or afraid about what’s happening in your life or about your future?

Sagewood Recovery Women’s Centre is a safe, gentle environment that allows you to focus on what needs your attention – YOU. In a beautiful, calming and grounding facility you will learn healthy coping skills, address underlying causes for substance use, discover your strengths and develop a new method and manner for living.

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Our Location:

Sagewood Recovery Women's Centre
10022 247B St.
Maple Ridge, BC V2W 0H1
Phone: 604-476-3530

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Our private residential facility in the Greater Vancouver suburb of Maple Ridge specializes in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction for women.  Our program is based on Dr. Stephanie Covington’s Helping Women Recover.  This treatment program is gender-responsive, creating an environment that reflects an understanding of the realities of the lives of women and that addresses and responds to women’s strengths and challenges.  We believe that addiction disorders are treatable illnesses with a root cause and that with specific care applied by qualified professional staff, healing, abstinence and long-term success can be achieved.  Sagewood Recovery is committed to ensuring that each client receives the absolute best possible treatment for her individual situation. Our client-specific treatment plans, daily groups, bodywork, spiritual modeling, unique ongoing care program and our family program, cultivate and support long-term success.  To read more about why gender-specific treatment is critical in women’s recovery click here to read an article/interview with Dr. Covington.  To speak with our staff about our program and the intake process please call 604-728-5154.

Our Facility

Sagewood Recovery is a women-only alcohol and drug treatment center nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Maple Ridge, BC, a suburb of Vancouver. We occupy a beautiful, custom-built home that is comforting and welcoming.  The grounds are simple, adding to the tranquility and serenity that is needed to make the journey of introspection, self-definition and emotional re-connection. Our client rooms and common areas are furnished and decorated so as to provide a homey, comfortable, healing environment and the therapy rooms at Sagewood are warm, inviting and calming.

And to help a bit more with your comfort: meet Boomer, the best house companion ever! He was born to cuddle, absolutely adores women and his gentle, playful disposition brings a pure grounding energy to our sanctuary.  One rule though: no dogs are permitted on the top floor, where client bedrooms are.

We encourage you to take the time you deserve to get well, restore your body, repair your life and create whatever is missing so that you can live a purposeful and joyful life.

Our rates are very reasonable however financing is available if needed; see the link to “Crelogix” at the bottom of our home page OR click on our About page at the top and scroll down to the Financing link for more information.

At Sagewood Recovery you will receive:

  • An evidence-based full assessment.
  • Private and group therapy with professional addiction counselors using proven, respected methodologies like trauma-informed therapy, integrative recovery and gender-responsive programming.
  • An innovative client-specific treatment plan, reviewed and updated throughout your stay if necessary.
  • Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual development and support that is based on your individual values and needs.
  • Relapse prevention seminars and workbooks, as well as aromatherapy (upon request).
  • Seasonal community outings (because recovery is fun!).
  • Access to our library of recovery books and entertaining books, movies and games as well as TED Talks and GAIA tv.
  • A substantial and clinically reviewed aftercare plan paired with a relapse prevention plan.
  • Ongoing support after you leave – you will always be a part of our Sacred Sisterhood so we will keep in touch with you – and of course you are encouraged to call us anytime.
  • Access to a private, fee-for-service medically supported residential alcohol and drug withdrawal management program, click here to read more.

After Care and Continuing Care

Doing well while in the safety of a residential drug and alcohol treatment center is expected however the real test starts when she returns home and begins to apply the skills that she learned at the center within her natural environment and with everyday stressors.

After care planning begins several weeks before clients are scheduled to leave the centre. In collaboration with our Counsellor a plan will be developed that addresses probable triggers in the home community and creates plans and methods to alleviate and eliminate these triggers. While many of the principles for staying well are taught throughout the program, during the final phase – typically during the final weeks – an aftercare plan will be developed by each client and their primary Counsellor that will include follow-up appointments, plans for structure and plans addressing the specific, unique needs of the client.

Ongoing or continuing care is unique at Sagewood. We keep in touch with our graduate clients by calling to do assessments at monthly-specific intervals up to 1 year and beyond. If during one of these calls we learn that challenges are occurring we will provide in-the-moment counselling and make the appropriate referrals.  Also unique to our women’s addiction treatment facility, we invite our clients to return for follow-up visits, attend group(s) that might serve to assist alumni with a current challenge, return to take part in celebrations and also attend weekly in-house evening meetings.

Sagewood stays connected – we believe that this is integral to our clients’ long-term success.

Restorative Meals

Meal times are an essential part of each day because (self) nourishing is a part of self-loving. Eating is therefore about just that – loving and nurturing.  Needless to say during the pangs of anxiety, panic and depression the ability to self-care declines and one of the early manifestations is a change in eating patterns.

We create cuisine that will motivate those that have lost interest in food and assist those who have become unaware of their eating patterns. Sagewood provides delicious, beautifully presented meals that will nourish you and help you become more present during meals times.  Our aim is to teach the benefits of clean food, balance, variety and awareness of what emotional eating is.  Considerable thought and preparation takes place using market fresh foods with emphasis on seasonal approaches and local produce. Any specific dietary needs or allergies will be discussed at intake at our Greater Vancouver women’s substance abuse treatment centre.

Bodywork and Spiritual Development

Especially in the early stage of recovery many women may need to reconnect with their bodies – to understand the messages and signals that her body is giving her.  For example, a tightness in the shoulders or a tender tummy is often actually the body speaking to us (not just “stress or something I ate”).  Women often need to relearn this language, and re-familiarize themselves with what Intuition feels like.  The journey “from head to heart” can indeed a long journey but at Sagewood women’s treatment centre in Greater Vancouver BC we take this connection seriously.  Physical activity promotes emotional and mental wellness by changing the chemistry of the brain.  A variety of approaches are adopted here to assist those who have allowed physical fitness to fall to the wayside, and also those who already know this is essential to their lifestyle.  We encourage clients to start simply by making morning stretching a part of their daily routine and then adding gentle daily walks, taking in the natural beauty of our neighborhood.  Within no time we find that women are ready to go each morning and chose to walk more rigorously, very much enjoying the way their minds are responding to the activities.  Daily physical activity also helps deepen and regulate sleep patterns.

We also provide on-site yoga and an extraordinary bodywork movement practice which restores wholeness, health and vitality.

Our program also includes spiritual modelling (if desired).

Family Included

Loved ones have experienced, in many forms, the destructive outcomes of addiction in a different – but no less difficult – way. And when the recovering alcoholic or addict returns to her tribe she will, essentially, be returning to a system that remembers old behaviour and has not necessarily experienced the recovering woman from her new and healthier self. From this perspective, we feel that it is necessary for family and loved ones to be included in the healing and transformation process. Our program includes a component that serves this purpose. We provide education about the disease of addiction and what families can expect in the early days when the recovering woman returns home. We also provide coaching on building healthy boundaries and guidance on restoring relationships over time. We believe that this is a critical piece in recovery because the nest will not be the same and a different kind of chaos can occur when she returns from recovery. This ultimately increases the potential for relapse. Addiction is a family disease; think of a spider web... when we tug on one strand, the entire web is disrupted. Therefore it is not just the alcoholic or addict that needs to change habits, behaviours and so forth. Everyone in the family will benefit from being on the same page and speaking the same language so that the entire “web” remains intact and can weather life on life’s terms.